Thursday, May 21, 2009

Latence des Fleurs - Flower Latency (2009)

Primeira apresentação da segunda canção composta pelo meu amigo compositor francês Raphaël Lucas (1983- ). Terceira peça musical da segunda parte do meu Recital de Mestrado. Premiere of the second song composed by my French friend the composer R. Lucas (1983- ). Third piece of the second part of my Master's Recital.

Mina Kim: piano.

19/05/2009. Purchase College at SUNY, School of the Arts,Conservatory of Music - Recital Hall.

This poem refers to the Asphodel Meadows - is

a section of the Ancient Greek underworld
where indifferent and ordinary souls were sent
to live after death; souls of people who lived
lives of near equal good and evil rested. It was
a plain of asphodele flowers, which were the
favorite food of the Greek dead.

Les pâles pistils   The pale pistils
fêcondés   impregnated
de mornes chants d’éternité,   by the gloomy songs of eternity,
se meurent et s’étalent   die and spread
quand les abeilles annonantes   when the rumbling bees
de leur plaine se font les chantres   of their field become the voices
pour les pleurs d’un pétale.   for the tears of a petal.
Se forme un ballet d’étamines   They form into a ballet of stamen
qui s’affole et se termine   that spins and finishes
dans une blancheur d’aile.   In the whitness of a wing.
Enfin c’est l’adieu du parfum,   Finally it’s the farewell of the essence,
Oh! Fleurs oubliées des défunts   Oh! Forgotten flowers of the deceased,
senteur des asphodèles.   scent of the asphodel.
Poem by Irène Gayraud.

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